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Activities in Cartagena



Cartagena: The best things to do

In Cartagena, there is so much to see and do that it is difficult to integrate everything into your itinerary. Whether you are history buffs or looking for an adventure, here are some of our favorites.

1. Las Bovedas

What shopping in Cartagena Colombia

This bustling marketplace is full of tourists.

If you defy the masses, you will have the opportunity to buy unique jewelry, souvenirs and beautiful Mochila bags made by the women of the Wayuu indigenous tribes,

colombia cartegana plaz de aduana

Las Bovedas is a sight in itself. It is one of the last buildings within the old city wall with 47 arches and 23 domes.

It also has a checkered past that serves as an ammunition dump, and then a dungeon in its current status as a bustling marketplace.

2. Coffee tasting in San Alberto

What to do in Cartagena coffee tasting Café Alberto

Join a coffee tasting at Café San Alberto, run by Gustavo Villota, the third generation.

In the class you get to know coffee plants, process coffee and experience a sensory exercise.

This is one of the most awarded and best known coffees grown in Buenavista, Columbia.

After class, visit the café below the classroom, where you can buy quality beans to take home.

3. Rum and chocolate tasting at Sofitel Legend

Cartagena Colombia to do things

Seduce your senses with a rum and chocolate tasting in Sofitel Legend.

Here you will experience one of the best aged rum in the Caribbean, which is perfectly combined with a selection of delicious Colombian chocolate.

Meanwhile, enjoy the views of this historic hotel, formerly a monastery.

4. Visit the National Aviary

Cartagena things to do aviary

If you love birds, visit the National Voliary of Colombia Tour.

It houses 135 species of wild birds and allows visitors to learn more about the different species through 21 interactive stations.

Aviary in Colombia Cartagena

Expect flamingos, parrots, emus, harpy eagles and more.

6. Take a hike

must see in Cartagena Colombia

One of the best ways to explore the old town is on foot.

Cartagena's elite still owns many of the big colonial houses in the old town.

Stroll the cobblestone streets and discover what the city was like centuries ago.

Visit Cartegana on a walk

Cartagena's old walled city

The old town has some of the best tourist attractions in Cartagena.

Be sure to stop at the Torre del Reloj, the royal clock tower of Cartagena, at the entrance to the old city wall.

Activities featured in Cartagena image

Clocktower of the old city

The Getsemani is another stop that you should add to your itinerary.

It is one of the most important neighborhoods in Cartagena and a cultural and political center.

Cartagena Colombia street art

It is full of amazing street art.

Bright colors and beautiful murals decorate many of the walls and do not miss hiking.

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