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How to visit Vienna without the masses



Use the local traffic

Vienna Travel Guide | transport

Vienna is blessed with one of the best public transport systems in Europe.

HOpposing a tram, subway, train or city bike is pleasant and easy. The The tree-lined ring road is ideal for exploring by bike or tram.

The Ringstraße Boulevard takes you to the main attractions of Vienna such as:

  • The Vienna State Opera
  • The Austrian Parliament
  • The town hall
  • The museums of visual arts and natural history ring road

It is like a compact open-air museum. And best of all, you can not get lost because it's circular.

Explore Vienna | opera house

Bike rental and tram

Rent a city bike at one of the many stations along the Ringstraße with a Citybike Tourist Card.

Or take trams like the D, 1, 2 or 71.

The free Wien Mobil App It will help you to get on the next tram and get off in good time before heading to the outskirts.

Unlimited hop-on hop-off buses on the Vienna Pass:
• 6 hop-on hop-off routes
• 50 stops (short intervals)

Tour Vienna at sunset

viennese tourism | New castle at sunset

When the majority of tourists call for a day, take a guided walk to learn more about Vienna.

Whether summer or winter, the evening walks enthrall with either soft light and a cool breeze or with dramatic lighting and occasional (pre-Christmas) Glühweinstand.

Look out for the countless illuminated sculptures and statues of Vienna – from the fighting men of Michaeler Fountain to the baroque angels in the Burggarten – and experience an eerie life between light and shadow.

This is also a perfect option when you arrive in the city in the afternoon. In addition, you get a completely different perspective than in a nocturnal Vienna, which you will forever share with local night owls or deceased workers.

vienna travel | Franziskanerplatz

The only thing I tell my users is to book historic yards with open front doors during the day.

While the historic center is a logical beginning, take a stroll through the charming historic Spittelberg after sunset.

You can book a private tour of Vienna with Get Your Guide. Choose the time to meet and create your own itinerary and choose what you want to see.

Easy cancellation

Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund

Out of the city center of Vienna

Things to do in Vienna | cafejelinek

Even before the local tourist office decided to balance the flow of tourists outside the city center, many people shared my love for Vienna's outskirts, where I lived for many years.

Visit Neighborhoods – Wieden Margarethen

My favorites include the trendy districts of Wieden and Margarethen, where independent local design shops exist alongside vintage stores.

You must visit the "full board" café, which is run by the baking grandmas. It is the only place in the city where you can find an authentic experience like grandma's house!

And do not miss the bizarre Third Man Museum, which is dedicated to the internationally successful film The Third Man, which was filmed in Vienna after World War II.

Rummage in the neighborhood cult bars like Motto.

Even history buffs find an inspiring place outside the city center.

what do art in vienna austria

Weekends in Vienna

On the weekends, set out to find a rare Art Nouveau glamor in the church of Otto Wagner in Steinhof.

Stroll through the romantic Villa Geymüllerschlössel from the 19th century.

It is an estate in the suburb of Pötzleinsdorf.

In summer, Hermesvilla – also known as Empress Sissi's Palace of Dreams – attracts locals not only with its romantic interior, but also with relaxed walks through the Lainz nature reserve.

Where can you eat in Vienna?

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-98251 size-full” alt=”Vienna Austria cafes” width=”800″ height=”600″ data-lazy- data-src=”https://theplanetd.com/images/vienna_geymuellerschloessel_planetd.jpg”/>

If you are looking for the best Wiener Schnitzel or the most authentic coffee houses, you will find them directly behind the ring road.

Despite the contemporary design of Leopoldstadt's Gasthaus Schöne Perle The kitchen still attracts local families with its traditionally prepared Schnitzel.

Try popular favorites to immerse yourself in the depths of Viennese suburban culture Meixner's restaurant in favorites or Prilisauer in Penzing.

Coffee houses where time has never played a role Café Jelinek in Boho Mariahilf and the retro Café am Heumarkt Directly across from the city park are my top hiding places.

Find smaller and local events to avoid crowds

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-98253 size-full” alt=”Viennese sights. cafes” width=”800″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://theplanetd.com/images/wachau_spitzermarillenkirtag_planetd.jpg”/>

To find a local gathering that will broaden your horizons requires a little more patience.

First of all, attend classical music evenings at universities like the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts or the Prayner Conservatory,

You'll see how brilliant young talents play classics wholeheartedly.

Likewise, Blüthner Piano Salon organizes small lunchtime concerts for the work of the locals during their lunch break and evening concerts in the center.

Jazz fans craving hidden gems will love joining in with their local counterparts Zwe. This small, cozy jazz club regularly has an after-show chill-out in Leopoldstadt.

Festivals in Vienna

vienna tourist attractions | Opera

Even festivals in Vienna can be comfortable, depending on where related events take place.

Some of the Voice Mania performances of the musical Advent calendar take place in small theaters.

Some events of the Wiener Festwochen can be seen in smaller venues, suburban cinemas and neighborhood cafes.

Seasonal festivals such as Neustift Kirtag or Spitzer Marillenkirtag in the nearby Wachau Valley offer an authentic Dirndl Lederhosen atmosphere.

And how about touristic wine bars for Schrammel-Mondays in the Wiener Volksliedverein in Ottakring in the Liebhartstaler Bockkeller?

About Vienna

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-98276″ alt=”Vienna Austria skyline” width=”1280″ height=”853″ data-lazy- data-src=”https://theplanetd.com/images/vienna-austria.jpg”/>

Vienna is the capital of Austria and is known for its musical heritage as a city of music. Many composers were born in Vienna;

  • Joseph Haydn.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Franz Schubert.
  • Johann Strauss II

The Vienna State Opera is one of the most important places in the world to listen to classical music.

Located on the Danube, it is considered the European Capital of Culture.

When do you visit Vienna?

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-98322″ alt=”when to visit Vienna Vienna Capital” width=”1280″ height=”720″ data-lazy- src=”https://theplanetd.com/images/visit-vienna-.jpg”/>

Vienna can be visited all year round and is popular in the winter months because there are its famous Christmas markets.

The best time to visit Vienna is in April – May or September – October. In these months you will see fewer visitors and cheaper accommodations in Vienna.

The summer months from June to August are the busiest times to visit Vienna, and the accommodation is expensive.

November and December are excellent times to visit Vienna, as the Christmas markets are in full swing. But expect huge crowds.

So plan your trip to Vienna today. There is really no bad time to visit Vienna. Even if you travel during the summer months, this guide should help you avoid the crowds and make your stay as good as possible.

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