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Top Attractions in Athens, Greece



20. Try the meze

Things to do in Greece

The traditional Greek food is very simple and based on high quality fresh ingredients.

The Greeks eat in family style, with a large number of small dishes called meze, which are shared by everyone at the table. "Meze" means taste or small bite.

Like the food itself, Meze's food is a casual affair.

The Greeks are not shy to take food with a fork or with their fingers from the common plates. It starts with salads such as the Greek salad (tomatoes, feta, cucumbers, onions, peppers, olives) and dips (fava, tzaziki) and then leads to meat and fish dishes as well as side dishes such as wild vegetables and fried potatoes.

Do not forget almost everything, nor the traditional drinks – raki, ouzo or house wine – to fill with lemon.

Barbounaki in Kolonaki or the Seychelles in Metaxourgheio are modern dishes of traditional cuisine, but every tavern offers these small dishes.

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